Reporting Bugs

Dune Legacy still needs a lot of "love" from developers, as it still contains many bugs. But you - the users - can help us: Play and test Dune Legacy and look out for bugs. Most bugs are easy to solve if you know exactly what went wrong. This page describes how to report a bug. Please note the following check list before reporting a bug:

  1. Make sure it is a bug and neither a Feature Request nor a Difference between Dune II and Dune Legacy.

  2. We as the developers must be able to reproduce the bug before we can resolve it. Therefore you should try to reproduce it and look out for the circumstance it occurs in. The bug report should contain a detailed description of the steps needed to reproduce the bug. You should not report bugs that you cannot reproduce.

  3. There are various additional things you may provide to us to make it possible to reproduce a bug: The "Dune Legacy.log" file and depending on the kind of bug probably a save game and a replay of a game where the bug occurs. These are all stored in the Dune Legacy configuration directory (see FAQ).

  4. Go to our Bug Tracker and make sure the bug is not already listed. If not, report it as new bug, containing the following information:
    • The version of Dune Legacy you are using
    • Your operating system
    • Detailed description of the bug
    • Attach "Dune Legacy.log" to the bug report if a crash occurs
  5. Thanks for your bug report!
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