Getting Started

You need the following files from original Dune II in order to play Dune Legacy:

  • GERMAN.PAK (only for playing in german)
  • FRENCH.PAK (only for playing in french)

It depends on your system and installation where to put these files. LEGACY.PAK is supplied with Dune Legacy and is already in the data directory. All the other files should be copied there too. If you are not allowed to copy files there you may copy these files inside the dunelegacy configuration directory inside a data directory (e.g. ~/.config/dunelegacy/data/ on unix).


It depends on how the game was compiled. Normally you should put these files under /usr/share/dunelegacy/ or /usr/local/share/dunelegacy/ . Just look for LEGACY.PAK. If you do not have root access to your system you should put them in your home directory under ~/.config/dunelegacy/data/ .


The installer has already asked for the files and put them in the installation directory. If not put the PAK-files inside your installation folder or if you do not have administrator privileges you should put them to C:\Documents and Settings\<YourName>\Application Data\dunelegacy\data\ .


The PAK-files have to be copied inside the application bundle. If you have followed the steps in the supplied dmg you have already copied them there. Otherwise just right-click on the bundle and select "Show Bundle Content". Then navigate into "Contents" and then into "Resources". There you will find LEGACY.PAK. Put the other PAK-files there too. Alternativly you can put them in your home directory under ~/.config/dunelegacy/data/ but putting them inside the application bundle is the preferred way.

Keyboard Shortcuts

EscapeGo to menu
SpacePause game
Alt + EnterToggle fullscreen
Alt + TabSwitch to other application
Print Key or Ctrl + PSave screenshot as ScreenshotX.bmp with increasing
EnterStart/Stop chatting
Key F1Zoomlevel x1
Key F2Zoomlevel x2
Key F3Zoomlevel x3
Key TToggle display of current game time
Key F10Toggle sound effects and voice
Key F11Toggle music
Key F12Toggle display of FPS
Key Up, Down, Left or RightMove on the map
Key GCycle through construction yards
Key FCycle through factories/other builders
Key F4Skip 10 seconds
Key F5Skip 30 seconds
Key F6Skip 2 minutes
Key -Decrease gamespeed
Key +Increase gamespeed
Ctrl + (Key 1 to Key 9)Save the list of selected units as unit group 1 to 9
Key 1 to Key 9Select units from unit group 1 to 9
Shift + (Key 1 to Key 9)Add all units from unit group 1 to 9 to the list of currently selected units
Key 0Deselect all currently selected units
Ctrl + Key 0Remove currently selected units form all unit groups (group 1-9)
Key MOrder unit to move to some position
Key AOrder selected units to attack some unit, structure or position
Key COrder selected infantry units to capture some structure
Key RRepair selected structure
Key HReturn selected harvester
Key DRequest a carryall drop (only if this game option is enabled)
Key UUpgrade selected structure
Key PPlace a structure (if a construction yard is selected)

Map Editor:

Print Key or Ctrl + PSave a picture of the whole map as <Mapname>.bmp
Ctrl + ZUndo last edit
Ctrl + YRedo last edit

Configuration file

If you want to fine tune the configuration of Dune Legacy you might want to take a look at the configuration file "Dune Legacy.ini". Depending on your system it is either placed in

  • ~/.config/dunelegacy (on Linux)
  • ~/Library/Application Support/Dune Legacy (on Mac OS X)
  • C:\Documents and Settings\&lt;YourName>\Application Data\dunelegacy\ (on Windows)

Internet Game

To play online via Internet you have to manually enable port forwarding if you use a NAT Router. Forward the Dune Legacy Server Port (Default is 28747) from your NAT Router to your computer. Use the same port on your router as configured in Dune Legacy.

Example: If your machine has IP and your using the default Dune Legacy Port, than forward port 28747 from your router to

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