There are various ways to contribute to Dune Legacy. Programming skills are no requirement because there a plenty of other things to do. Most important is passion and excitement for Dune. Following is an (incomplete) list of ways you can contribute.


Dune Legacy needs good maps. With the build in map editor you can start realizing your ideas. Build maps, test them, change them and when you are satisfied with your map you can contribute it to Dune Legacy. We can then put it online on the Maps page or include it in the next Dune Legacy release.


Dune Legacy is partially modable. If you modded Dune Legacy in an interesting way we are keen on it so please share your mod with us.


Currently only two languages are fully supported by Dune Legacy. You can help change this. Translating Dune Legacy is as easy as editing a text file. For further information see Localization.


Running a website can be a very time consuming task. When deciding between developing Dune Legacy or managing the website in most cases the developing task wins (as you might see when looking at this website). But a shiny website would really help bringing the project forward and make new visitors excited about the game. If you have a passion for web design and Dune Legacy you're contribution to the Dune Legacy project would make this a reality.


If you want to start modifying the code of Dune Legacy you should know at least a bit of C++. To start hacking on the Dune Legacy codebase have a look at our Development section. You might start with small patches and then join the team.

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