• What platforms are supported?
    While most devs uses Linux as their dev platform, there are also Windows and Mac OS X versions. The code should be portable all the time (unless someone breaks it - in which case, report it as a bug), to compile Dune Legacy for other platforms.

  • Where does Dune Legacy save its settings?
    If you want to fine tune the configuration of Dune Legacy you might want to take a look at the configuration file "Dune Legacy.ini". Depending on your system it is either placed in
    • ~/.config/dunelegacy (on Linux)
    • ~/Library/Application Support/Dune Legacy (on Mac OS X)
    • C:\Documents and Settings\<YourName>\AppData\Roaming\dunelegacy\ (on Windows)
  • Where can I find the log file?
    "Dune Legacy.log" is located in the same directory as "Dune Legacy.ini" (see Question above).

  • There are different versions of Dune II. How can I find out which version I have?
    There are 4 main versions of Dune II: US-Version 1.0, US-Version 1.07, EU-Version 1.07, HitSquad-Version 1.07. You can have a look at our PAK-file list. It contains checksums for each PAK file and which version it belongs to.

  • Will there be support for Dune 2000?
    No, there are no such plans and not really any interest in it either...

  • How can I create my own maps for Dune Legacy?
    Dune Legacy contains a build-in map editor since version 0.96.3. This is the preferred way to create maps. If you don't want to use the map editor for some reason you can use any text editor as maps are simple text files. Have a look at the Map Format.

  • Is it possible to mod Dune Legacy?
    Dune Legacy supports limited modding. Unit and structure stats (price, health, damage, speed) can be modified and the tech tree can be changed. See Modding.

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